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What kind of description should I use?
28, Nov 2018

You might be writing your property description for the first time and wondering how best to show off your property. All descriptions should include

1 - Overview of the state of the property.

2 - Details of local shopping, restaurants, and entertainment will help tenants get a better feel for your property and immediate area.

3 - Any details you think we have missed on the 'Add a listing' form but would be of interest to prospective tenants.

Additional Features!  

We have developed features to make the experience better for both you and your prospective tenants. 

Featured - This will highlight your property on the home page, your community page. It will also highlight your property on the default search page.

BookNow - This allows you to set up your availability so you can book viewings at convenient times.   

MessageNow- This allows you to receive unlimited instant messages from leads at no extra cost.  

ApplyNow - This will allow you to receive as many rental applications. 

RentNow - This allows both you and your preferred applicant to sign a Lease Agreement online.