Writing An Effective Rental Listing

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Ezekiel Onajite On August 26, 2019

Writing An Effective Rental Listing

August 26, 2019

If you’re an Agent, Landlord or Property Manager, part of your job is to fill your property vacancies. In order to do this, you’ll need to advertise your vacancies/available properties by creating enticing rental listings for prospective tenants to read. While it sounds easy, there are hundreds of other listings competing for eyes so making yours stand out is key to getting the traffic and ultimately getting it rented. In order to get prospective tenants interested in your listings, we always recommend you write a compelling copy that will make them want to call for a showing! 

Here are some tips for writing a great rental listing:

Have a catchy headline

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Draw in readers by having a catchy headline that makes skimmers stop to read your listing. Your headline is probably the most

important part of the listing and is where you’ll want to let tenants know that they’ve found the perfect unit to rent. It doesn’t have to

be overly creative, but just something quick that will intrigue the reader so that they click and view the rest of the listing. Things you

want to include in your headline are a price, a number of bedrooms and bathrooms and location. Once you have that down, it’s time to

include some key features to the unit to really impress readers. Use one or two descriptors for added attention. 

Add lots of pictures, beautiful pictures

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All online users are visual and really love pictures; the more is better

A short and sweet description

People have short attention spans, so you’ll want the description to be short and sweet! Always start with the best feature about your listing so that it’s not hidden away at the bottom or else you risk people not even reading that far. Tell prospective tenants what makes the apartment unique and help them visualize themselves in the unit. Once you describe to them the best features, it’s time to give them the basics with how many bedrooms and bathrooms it has. In addition to telling them the location, mention a few things that are nearby and of interest.

An informational ending

Closeout the listing with specifying how they should contact you and how much rent is monthly. We find that the cost could be a big determining factor in ultimately deciding where to live.

Happy Renting!