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Jonathan Oghenevwede On February 17, 2022


February 17, 2022


According to one of the leading bank figures, the Nigerian real estate and property sector is worth over fifty-nine trillion Naira.

As interesting as this figure sounds, the market is largely decentralized yet provides one the fastest means of making diverse, good, and quality money in no time.

Because of this ease of entry, there are millions of housing agents and caretakers across Nigeria.

Remarkably, regardless of this high number of house agents and caretakers, only a handful of individuals go beyond the housing agent or caretaker level to become true property managers.

Due to lack of awareness, packaging, tools, and sometimes certification limitation, many have sold themselves short within the industry.

While housing agents collect a one-time commission and head off, or a caretaker solely focuses on collecting a monthly service fee, a property manager takes it further by providing the services of both the housing agent and caretaker, thereby increasing his/her value.

For this reason, the property manager becomes a trusted consigliere of the property owner.

The goal of this Training is therefore to equip you with the fundamental knowledge you need to start your career as a Property Manager whether as a Newbie, a house agent, caretaker, or even someone just hearing the word for the first time.


You can become a Certified Property Manager through Renter’s Vine Property Management Program. 

As a Renter’s Vine Property Manager, your responsibility is simply to register Landlords and property managers under your Renters Vine portfolios, identify prospective tenants, guide their transition into tenants.

After a successful tenant transition, you can reach a property management agreement with the property owner for a monthly fee to ensure both parties are properly served throughout their stay.

As simple as ABC.

The only responsibility is in recruiting both Landlords and tenants; In this regard, Renters Vine will ensure you have access to the training you need.

Using the Renters Vine platform, you can manage different types of properties without transitioning into a full-time company with lawyers, agents, and caretakers.

With the platform, you can provide landlords legal tenders, invoices, receipts, property calculators thereby taking away every and any landlord’s worry.


Property Managers at Renters Vine perform only three core responsibilities:

1. Identify and Register Prospective Landlords/Property Owners

2. Identify and Register Prospective Renters

3. Liaise between Landlords and Tenants Daily.

To achieve these key responsibilities, you have to 

• Advertise the property

• Show the property to prospective tenants

• Maintain consistent and open communication with both parties

• Screen new applicants

• Move in and out inspections

• Managing eviction

• Coordinating property maintenance etc.


You do not need a qualification to become a good property manager though having a degree in Estate Management, Urban Planning and the likes can come in very handy in this niche.

You simply need a good people’s skill i.e., the ability to relate and work with people.

Aside from that, you need to have strong communication skills, the ability to provide customer service, excellent organizational skills, and basic marketing and sales skills.

Also, you must be 18 and older and a resident of the community you serve.

Though as you grow in the field, you can begin to learn how to market and convert clients successfully and consistently.


Setting up a Property Management Agency is quite straightforward.

But first, you must build your client base individually before proceeding to go full scale by incorporating your property management business and employing staff to help you.

This is where Renter’s Vine comes in.

With a handful of clients to manage, you can proceed to incorporate your Property Management Agency with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria, the agency in charge of registering businesses in Nigeria.

After incorporating, you can begin to employ others into your team depending on your business need at the time.

With more people in your team so will your business increase its capacity to produce more results for your clients thereby leading to business growth.


At the end of this Basic Training, you will receive your first Renter’s Vine Certificate.

After receiving the Renter’s Vine Property Manager’s Certificate, it is time to proceed into your immediate community and neighborhood to register your first landlord.

You can proceed to the new site of your neighborhood or areas where new buildings are coming up to identify new properties and their landlords.

You can pitch to landlords using this line,

Hello, Mr./Mrs. (Landlord’s name),

My name is (Your name), I am a Certified Renters Vine Property Manager.

As a Property Manager, I help prospective landlords like you rent out their house to quality tenants in record time and also work with them to ensure their property is properly maintained at every point in time.

I live in (Name Your area) and saw your property while on fieldwork. You have a good-looking property here and I know my services will help you get the best out of your property.

When/where can I meet you to help you understand how I can best help you?

Your first meeting is an opportunity to impress your first homeowner. Talk about your experience, all you have learned, and how you can help. No one refuses good help.

Simply provide the landlord Renter’s Vine Signup Page using your referral link or code to create an account under yours.

And boom, you have your first landlord.

With your first landlord signed up, you can proceed to begin to advertise the property to prospective renters.

Using the Renters Vine platform, you can share the available properties directly into any of the social media platforms you are fully involved in with an appeal for your followers to share.

You can also visit groups based on location. For example, the “People Living in Kubwa Group on Facebook “. For such groups on Facebook, there is a daily request from Renters who will be glad to be provided any form of directions.

You can direct Renters using your referral codes and make money when these renters sign up.

Also, to begin to make money immediately using the Renters Vine platform, you can begin to register landlords around your neighborhood using the benefits and features of the Platform.

These benefits and features can be found here…


1. Register Your First Landlord

If the landlord is interested in proceeding with you, you can simply proceed to register them into the Renter’s Vine Landlord’s portal within your profile including a general picture of the property.

2. Register Your First Renter

Renters can sign up using your referral link/code and access property information including reaching out to you for viewing.

3. Accept Your First Property Viewing

Accept to view the property with prospective renters and get paid for every viewing.

4. Transit Tenants into New Homes

The renter's Vine platform is structured in such a way that when a renter secures a home through the platform, your commission is automatically paid to you and can be withdrawn directly into your bank account at any point in time.

5. Reach a Property Management Deal

If you are to proceed as a property manager, ensure you are to reach an agreement with the landlord on how much you will be paid monthly/annually to serve as his/her property manager.

6. Commissions

For every Landlord and Renter you sign up on the platform, you will be paid a commission that can be cashed out monthly.